Whitney Shopbell [Administrative Administrative]

Whitney’s story begins back in the early 2000’s when she said YES to Jesus at Ontario Christian Church. Baptized along side her mother, father, and older sister, Whitney’s love for God began to unfold.  When she and her family walked into Velocity Church on a Sunday morning in the fall of 2015, a new chapter in her faith journey kick-started and God began to write a different story for her life.  One much different than the one she had been experiencing and she will tell you that it centered around worship. It didn’t take Whitney long to jump in and start helping with some opportunities to serve Velocity Church and those that would take that same walk through the doors that she did. Currently, Whitney’s primary role is the Administrative Assistant and a kids church teacher. As she continues on this journey, God is revealing many other gifts and talents for Whitney to use to help spread the message of Jesus Christ. When not working at University Hospital or the church, Whitney enjoys spending time with her husband James and their two children, Corbin and Addisyn. Whitney loves sharing her passion for God and much of that begins with her telling others her personal salvation story while trying to stay in touch with what God is speaking to her through all the noise of the world.

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